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Attract talent. Increase retention. Foster a healthy culture of work-life balance. All through Kiid Concierge, the complete childcare platform for working parents. 

What does a Kiid Concierge membership offer?

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Kiid Concierge
Membership Pricing

The membership price is based on the number of parents that have access to our services in a city.

I want access for up to parents


At Kiid, we have a track record of fulfilling 99% of parents childcare requests, including last minute bookings.

To make this happen, we recruit babysitters and nannies based on the size and location of each one of our partners.

The Kiid Concierge membership allows us to maintain the highest quality standards for our clients.

Our childcare services are offered exclusively to Kiid Concierge members.

Kiid Concierge is currently available in the greater Montreal area as well as Toronto.

Yes! Kiid Concierge has many clients that are solopreneurs, professionals and small business owners.

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