The right tutor can make all the difference

Offered in partnership with School Success, Quebec’s most respected tutoring company

What is personalized tutoring?

Offered in partnership with School Success, our virtual tutoring services enables parents to find a tutor that matches the needs and personality of their child.

How a tutor can help


Virtual tutoring is easy and convenient for families

pre-k to grade 12

Our tutors can help students at all academic levels


Tutors are selected based on your child’s personality and academic situation

All subjects

Whether your child is struggling with Math, French, Science, or another subject, we’re here to help

Tutor qualifications

School Success tutors are certified and highly-qualified to ensure exceptional services that get results.

Proven track record

School Success tutors have helped more than 30,000 students since 2006 and 92% of them improved their grades. If parents are not completely satisfied with the first meeting, the first hour will be reimbursed.


"Christian was a fabulous tutor, always available, patient, and able to assess Justine's difficulties and evaluate her progress. Thank you again!"
Maryse H.
Success Scolaire client
"Simon's tutor definitely allowed him to pass math this year. He was failing at the beginning and he ended his year with 88%. A huge thank you!"
Solange C.
Success Scolaire client
"Congratulations to your whole team and particularly to Andrea who, through her advice and careful attention, helped our son get his self-confidence back"
Steve C.
Success Scolaire client
"Our tutor Karle has an extraordinary tenderness and patience. She was able to explain everything that was very complex for our daughter that the school was not able to explain to her."
Anne C.
Success Scolaire client

Kiid On-Demand

Occasional and last minute childcare

Kiid Weekly

Part-time or full-time recurring care

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