Covid-19 Response

How Kiid is Doing its Part

At Kiid, our mission is to help working parents navigate all life’s moments and surprises. During this unprecedented time, we remain committed to that mission by offering on-demand childcare to businesses that want to help their employees balance work and life commitments.

Situations where we can help

If your child has a mild fever or cough but tested negative for COVID

If your child’s school or daycare is closed due to an outbreak, but your child tested negative for COVID

If your child is not attending school or daycare because a family member is vulnerable

If your child is not attending school or daycare for any other reason

If you need childcare due to evening or weekend work commitments

If you are working at home with children and need uninterrupted time to concentrate!

Safety Precautions in Place

Babysitting is available for families at their home (no in-office babysitting and no groups of children from different families). 

If babysitters exhibit symptoms or have been in contact with anybody exhibiting symptoms, they will not be permitted to work for Kiid for a minimum period of 14 days. 

Families who have any symptoms or been in contact with someone with symptoms cannot book a babysitter for a minimum period of 14 days. Babysitters reserve the right to leave a families home (in a safe and respectful manner) if parents or children exhibit any symptoms.

Babysitters must wash their hands upon arrival, on a regular basis throughout the day and before leaving. We prioritize scheduling babysitters who can travel by car. In cases where public transportation is unavoidable, masks, gloves, and antibacterial gel are provided to babysitters.

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