Case Study: Davies

How Kiid helps lawyers manager work-life conflicts

Who They Are

Davies is a leading Canadian business law firm specialising in high-stakes and complex matters. Davies prides itself on being one of the most innovative law firms in Canada and has a reputation for attracting and retaining the brightest, most creative lawyers.

The Problem: Work-life conflicts

Balancing work and family is hard for any parent. This is especially challenging for parents working up a law firm that focuses on high stakes matters. Davies’ lawyers are committed to their families and their careers, so when a conflict between work and life arises, this can very stressful. 

The Solution: On-Demand Childcare

Davies partnered with Kiid to offer its a lawyers a new flexible option to help manage the unexpected. For example, if daycare is closed, a lawyer can book an experienced Kiid babysitter to come to their home or the office. Bookings can be scheduled in advance or last minute, depending on a parents’ needs. 

The Results

In the first 6 months of the Kiid partnership, over 100 hours of babysitting were booked. Feedback from Davies’ lawyers and its leadership team has been very positive. For example, one lawyer commented: “Nous avons bien aimé Dorcas. Elle était ponctuelle, semblait très confiante, à l’aise avec ma petite de 11 semaines, calme et responsable. Notre expérience globale était excellente et nous n’hésiterons pas à refaire affaire à ses services! 5 étoiles!”

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