Case Study: Béton Mobile

How Kiid helped a small business avoid 14 work absenses in 6 months

Who They Are

Béton Mobile is a leader in delivering concrete to residential and commercial customers. With 5 locations across Quebec, they have a strong reputation for helping customers execute projects efficiently and at a low cost.

The Problem: Unexpected absenses

Customers depend on Béton Mobile to deliver cement on schedule, and Béton Mobile depends on skilled workers to operate heavy machinery.

When employees miss work due to childcare breakdowns, such as daycare closures, the scheduled work for the day must be cancelled. This results in frustrated customers and a negative impact on the bottom line.

Johanne from Béton Mobile sent us the following request in June 2019:

“I am a company that wants to offer my employees a babysitter when their child is sick. This would allow me to reduce the rate of absenteeism due to the fact that parents don’t always have the resources to replace daycare. So my needs will be random and on-demand depending on the circumstances.”

The Solution: Daycare on Demand

Fortunately, random and on-demand childcare is exactly what we do!

Johanne created a Kiid for Business account and gave her team 24/7 access to a reliable backup childcare. When a need arises, an experienced babysitter can come to the parents home or to the office. 

Johanne commented: “By offering to take care of their children at the office, I make sure that my employees will be at work and will have peace of mind knowing their child is nearby and in good hands. Everyone wins.”

The Results

In the six months since partnering with Kiid, Beton Mobile has avoided 14 work absenses thanks to on-demand babysitters. Feedback from Johanne and her employees has been overwhelmingly positive.

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